5 advantages of Buying a 30a Vacation Home

When buying real estate, few people consider purchasing a vacation home. They think that their money will become trapped and they will never use the property. This is just one of the common fallacies about the disadvantages, while there are many advantages to buying a vacation home. We will present you with 5 ways why purchasing a vacation home on 30a is a wise decision to make.

Free holidays forever

Holidays are the time when you relax, but it is hard to do so with all the travel agencies, bookings, flight tickets, and all the other paraphernalia. Owning a vacation home obviates the need for most of the hustle, leaving you just with the travel cost. Even then, if the real estate is close enough, you are likely to spend only the gas money. The cost of yearly upkeep is nowhere near booking a room for the entire family for just ten days a year. A vacation home will save you both the money and the trouble of organizing a holiday. As a bonus, you can use it for weekend getaways as well.


The most troubling issue when it comes to buying a vacation home is the fact that it won’t be used throughout the year. People worry they will lose money on maintenance of a property they do not set foot in. Well, it doesn’t have to be so. Many areas popular with tourists along 30a like Watercolor,   Santa Rosa Beach, and Rosemary Beach are perfect places to own a vacation home. Owning a vacation home in one of either residential neighborhoods or are located close to them. This guarantees that they are rentable during the period you are not using them. Be sure to look into this option with a 30a local real estate agent. 

Second fear people have concerns safety, as an empty house is a likely target for a burglary. However, if you maintain good relations with the people next door and occasionally stop by, there is nothing to worry. South Walton Beach and 30a have a history of low crime. If you decide to rent out the place, then the risk of a home invasion is virtually non-excitant. And on the plus side: your real estate investment will generate a monthly income. How sweet is that?

Local Realtors

If you really wish to purchase a vacation home in a specific location, perhaps in Santa Rosa Beach or South Walton Beach in Florida, then hire local realtors. Local agencies know the market best, why not take advantage of that.

A place for retirement

Obviously, owning two pieces of property is a huge plus, but you can reside in only one place permanently. When old age comes, many people end up in retirement homes after they themselves or their family sell the property they own. Having a vacation home can be an ace up your sleeve for old age. Not only can you sell your primary home, but you will enjoy spending your retirement in a holiday paradise. A well-deserved pension has never been more enjoyable. Your family can still come and visit you, and since you own a property in an attractive location at the beach, they will want to come to visit you. Again, location-wise, closest to the beach and any 30a neighborhood is the best option for this purchase. 

Creating memories

Since the object of the purchase is not profit, although it can be profitable as we have seen, then why buy a vacation home in the first place? Well, the point is to spend quality time on your own or with the people you care for, namely your family and friends. This second home is all about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Hopefully, you have changed your opinion about buying a vacation home. It should never be perceived as a burden, but as a step forward, both personally and financially. if the timing is right for you emotionally and financially, you may be ready to buy a vacation home or condo. After all, this can be a part of your hard-earned legacy you leave to your children and family.

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