Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home is as Easy as 123

Adding curb appeal to your home is easy if you follow these stepsFollow these easy curb appeal tips to help sell your home quickly

Selling a home is about strategy as much as it is about quality. The first impression your potential buyers get will most definitely set the tone for the rest of the purchasing process, so – be strategic. Improve the curb appeal and give that front and back the irresistible facelift that will seal the deal. If your house is at a location such as South Walton Beach, you should take advantage of nice, warm weather and draw your potential buyers with some nice greenery and brightness.

The Greenery

When it comes to adding curb appeal to the home's front yard landscaping is the big show. You can never go wrong with giving your plants and lawn the spotlight they deserve. The vivid colors soothe the eyes and give the impression of a cheerful and lively abode. The best thing about it is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Some planters and window boxes will do the trick, but try and place them so they emphasize the key visual points of your home such as windows, doors, and entryways. To make window boxes even more effective, you should use window box liners as these will keep the soil and plants in place while providing your window boxes with a long-lasting and sturdy barrier. Adding some shrubs and flowers to the mix will also add a touch of personality and elegance. But let’s say those are the ornaments that give your front yard its charm, the basis, however, is your lawn. Regular mowing and watering are essential to keep it healthy and glowing. Rake off the leaves and deal with weed issues so it always looks its best for any potential buyers that might come your way.

Wall Appeal

Another large surface that might require your attention is the walls. A fresh coat of paint is probably the first thing that pops into your mind, and you should definitely do so at some point. However, before repainting, it would be a good idea to wash your walls first. This is an affordable way to instantly boost the curb appeal since you’ll be removing the dust and dirt that has accumulated over time giving your home a fresh look. After this step is taken, painting has a much better effect. Choose the shade that complements the overall color scheme, whether it's the contrast you’re after or the harmony of hues gently blending together.

The Front Entrance

Once that you’ve spruced up the major things that are usually spotted from a distance, it’s time to focus on the thing all your visitors have the first contact with – your front door. Since it is something your buyers will get the chance to see up close, make sure that your front door is well-maintained. Chipped paint or any kind of visible damage will leave everyone wondering how much you actually care about your residence. Vibrant colors will surely leave a better impression and make your home more memorable at first viewing. You can add some accessories to boost the looks, such as the door frame, hanging up new name plaques and numbers, or an ornate knocker. Last, but not least, remember to have a fresh new front doormat to welcome all of the buyers coming to look at your home.

The Roof Top Also Adds Curb Appeal

The roof should by no means be neglected. Even though it may not be at the top of your list of aesthetic priorities, it is very often the thing that makes or breaks the deal. Remember that buyers consider functionality as well. If they conclude that the roof will need replacing in a couple of years or even sooner, they may pass on your house or give you a low offer. There are several different types of roofing materials you can use. You can invest in retiling your roof or even repaint the tiles themselves. Metal roofs are very popular in a lot of areas because they last 50 years and help the home to save on energy. If you want to go a route that won’t cost you as much, think about using cement shingles. Shingles are a completely acceptable roofing material and are the most commonly used throughout the United States.

Front Patios

Patios have somehow always been associated with the backyard, but according to the latest trends, front patios are all the rage. It adds value to your real estate and encourages socializing with your neighbors since it provides a comfortable place to relax and chat. Have fun decorating it by choosing appealing furniture and décor. You don’t even have to splash out in order to get that amazing look – the internet is brimming with ideas to suit all budgets that will make your deck or porch the envy of the neighborhood.


Many tend to forget that daytime isn’t the only time your house needs to look its best. If you want to bring out your home’s full potential, make sure it is as attractive at night as it is during the day. Low-voltage lights along the driveway will be nothing short of charming, and your landscape ornaments could also use a bit of a spotlight. If you do have a front porch, consider your lighting options and make your house shine as the sun goes down.

Final Thoughts

Selling your home is an exciting and stressful process all at the same time, but if you give your house the care it deserves, it will give you much more in return. after reading this article you should now see that adding curb appeal to your home is as easy as 123. So show your potential buyers that your time there was special and that your care shows through the attention you’ve paid to it over the years. They will feel certain that it is well worth their time and money. Don’t let the redecoration get the best of you – have fun and enjoy giving your house one last makeover that will not fail to impress.

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