5 Benefits of Installing a Skylight to Your Home

A skylight installation may be something you want to consider if you've been thinking of how to give your house some new life without moving. You might be pleasantly surprised at how easily and quickly they can be installed, thus allowing you to enjoy the benefits we're about to highlight.

Installing a skylight in your home can be beneficial1. Let There Be (Sun) Light!

One of the most obvious advantages of installing skylights is the increased amount of natural light that will enter your home on a daily basis. With all that sunlight pouring in through the windows, don’t be shocked if you start feeling like you've been outside all day.

2. Saving Money Because of Energy Efficiency

You are probably aware that there is a growing focus on saving energy. Installing skylights in your home can help you save money on your monthly electric bill and reduce your carbon footprint. By installing these ceiling "openings," you can save energy by reducing the number of times you have to turn on the lights inside.

It goes without saying that reducing your monthly energy costs is something that everyone would appreciate. Aside from helping the planet, your efforts may also earn you tax breaks!

3. Breathe In Fresh Air

If your skylight has a vent that leads outside, you can benefit from the cool air without turning on your air conditioner. This is yet another technique to reduce your energy bill. It may also bring some much-needed outdoor air to your living areas.

4. Smaller Spaces Feel More Inviting and Spacious

If your home only has a few small rooms, such as a hall bathroom, they can feel unwelcoming because of the lack of natural light. If you can't physically make the room bigger, installing a skylight can make it seem much more open and spacious. You won't have increased the size of your home by a single square foot, but the formerly cramped rooms will feel much more spacious.

5. Keep Nosy Neighbors Guessing

Is your house close to any of your neighbors? If so, installing skylights can bring natural light into the space without compromising your personal privacy. For example, a large floor-to-ceiling window in a bathroom might not be the best idea, but there shouldn't be any trouble with getting plenty of light in through the ceiling. It's a win-win situation when natural light can be let into a home without compromising personal privacy.

Before you choose just any old skylight, you’ll want to do a little research first because there are three different types of skylights and various features to choose from. If you’re selling your home, talk to your real estate agent before going forward with the project because some buyers may or may not like your choice. However, if you don’t plan on selling any time soon or if you’re considering selling to a cash buyer through a program like Sell Fast, it may not matter as much.

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