Best 30a Beach Towns to Buy a House or Condo

Expectations Vs. Reality

30A Florida has some of the best places to live. If you are looking for a community situated on 30A Florida that suits you, we have compiled a list of destinations on 30A that are popular among future Floridians.

Once you move here, everything will not be as you expect. So, we have compiled an Expectations Vs. Reality list to give you a heads up.

Grayton Beach is one of the popular 30a communities

Here are the best places to live on 30A Florida:

Beach Communities on Highway 30A, Florida

Along Florida’s 30a, you’ll find diverse beach communities. These include:

  • Seagrove
  • Watercolor
  • Grayton Beach
  • Blue Mountain beach
  • Rosemary Beach
  • Seacrest Beach
  • Water’s edge
  • Water House
  • Santa Rosa Beach
  • Dune Allen

These are just some of the many communities on 30A FL. Though the communities on the Emerald Coast of Florida are not far apart, each has its distinctive personality.

Let’s overview each of these communities on 30a Florida and see what they offer in addition to the beautiful beaches.

The Best Places to Stay on 30A Florida

People visit or move here for the beaches of 30A Florida. But the communities here have a lot more to offer.

Here are the best 30A beach Florida neighborhoods:

1.  Seagrove

The quiet shores of Seagrove Florida Beach have a mesmerizing effect on the visitor. Finding a home or condo for sale in Seagrove Beach is never a problem. There is typically a good amount of properties to choose from. This casually luxurious beach is one of the best beaches in 30A Florida. Geographically and otherwise, the Seagrove is at the heart of the seaside Florida beach strip.

The deluxe neighborhood offers pristine beaches, coastal dune lakes, and fun water sports. Take a sunbath and have fun activities with your kids. Seagrove is the best community to relax and enjoy with family and friends.

2.  Watercolor

Watercolor 30A Florida is a fun-filled neighborhood. The Florida scenery makes the spa and shopping experience here even more exciting. Its award-winning restaurants are famous among tourists and residents alike.

This community is bustling with life. You won’t run out of things to do here. Hit the Watercolor Beach, FL, with your family for sunbathing and some paddle boarding fun. The upscale resorts, incredible architecture, and family-friendly activities combined with Florida’s natural Scenery make moving here worthwhile.

3.  Grayton

There are many 30A Florida Condos for sale in each neighborhood, but Grayton is one of the best communities for families. Grayton is a historic neighborhood on the Emerald Coast of Florida, and it’s the heart and soul of the famous 30A route.

White sand beaches, moss-covered live oaks, and upscale cottages give the neighborhood a laid-back ambiance. Get lost in the town and explore the shops and galleries. Go off-roading directly on the sand.

After sunset, Red Bar is the go-to place if you enjoy good food and have a good taste in live music. For a more open-air night experience, gather with friends and family around a bonfire on Grayton Beach under the stars and enjoy a BBQ.

4.  Blue Mountain Beach

Named after the Blue Lupine flowers that are common in the area, Blue Mountain Beach in Walton County, Florida, is a natural beauty to behold. The casual atmosphere and perfect Gulf views make visitors consider buying a home or condo in Blue Mountain Beach.

Whether you buy a beach condo or a deluxe home, you’ll make unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.

5.  Rosemary Beach

Rosemary does justice to its name. It’s named one of the most romantic small towns in the US. The cozy community is similar to the famous French Quarter. If you're looking to buy a home in Rosemary Beachhey,, be prepared to spend a little bit more than some of the other South Walton Beach communities.

Cherish the artistic galleries, enjoy a tasty food experience, and shop at the local boutique shops. You can dip your feet at the beach in the Emerald waters, take a bike ride down 30a, or relax at Rosemary Beach’s famous spas. On weekends, shop fresh groceries at Rosemary Farmers Market on Sundays.

Plenty of options are available here if you're looking for Rosemary Beach houses for rent. We’re sure you’ll find condos in Rosemary Beach, FL, that are perfect for you.

6.  Seacrest Beach

Seacrest Florida Beach is close to most of the famous points in the locality. The town is pedestrian- and bike-friendly, so you’ll enjoy strolling and riding through it.

There are many family activities you can do in the Seacrest Beach neighborhood. The eateries here are a haven for foodies. The kids will love splashing pads at Peddlers Pavilion.

If you’re sporty, the hike trails at Deer Lake State Park and the 18+ mile scenic Timpoochee Trail will be your friends on weekends.

7.  Water’s Edge

Water’s Edge is a hidden gem among the closely-knit communities on 30A. It is a private, gated beachfront community and technically part of Seacrest Beach.

This locality is one of the Gulf Coast's most exclusive and posh neighborhoods. It’s close to Rosemary Beach so you can enjoy the water’s edge after your dinner and shop in the neighborhood’s classy shops and restaurants.

8.  Waterhouse

We know this is the third community on this list with the word ‘water’ in its name. Inspired by the Emerald Coast, this community not only does justice to its name but is upscale like an emerald.

The gated community is just between Rosemary and Seaside. You can find condos for sale in Waterhouse here.

The upscale Waterhouse complex has an on-site private fitness center, rooftop pool and spa, two community grills, and an outside shower. Equipped with classy furnishing, high-end appliances, and scenic views of 30a, this is one of the best places to move to 30A Beach, Florida.

9.  Santa Rosa Beach

Santa Rosa Beach is one of the most popular 30A beaches and a popular destination for people looking to move to 30A Florida.

This neighborhood is the original South Walton Beach Neighborhood. Swing at a world-class golf course or take the kids hydro biking. There’s a lot to do here at Santa Rosa Beach. You can experience waterfront dining at restaurants on Santa Rosa Beach, and enjoy shopping and attractions. Santa Rosa Beach has all the best that 30A has to offer.

10.              Dune Allen

If you like solitude, Dune Allen 30 FL is the best neighborhood for you. Enjoy a stroll with yourself on the three coastal dune beaches in the area. The Dune Allen Beach natural preserve is worth visiting.

After hiking at Topsail Hill Preserve, the local catch at Stinky’s Fish Camp tastes even better. Don’t miss the opportunity to click a picture at the rare coastal dune lakes.

If you’re looking to get away from it all, you’ll find plenty of houses for sale Dune Allen Beach FL online.

Living in 30A Florida - Expectations Vs. Reality

You will have different expectations about living in Florida before moving here. So, we're here to tell you about the Florida experience, beforehand.

1.  It’s Always Sunny

Yes, Florida is named the Sunshine State. The State gets an average of 237 Days of sunshine annually. But it’s not always like this.


In the summers, it does rain sometimes in the afternoons, so if you’re visiting here for summer vacations, keep in mind it's not always ‘sunshine and rainbows’. And one more thing, the state also has a hurricane season, so consider that as well. The last major hurricane to hit South Walton Beach was Ivan in 2004.

2.  Building height Restrictions

You may find that Walton County lacks tall buildings. To keep the natural appeal of 30A Florida, the county restricted the building's height to 4 stories or 50 feet.

If you’re looking for a condo in a high-rise or plan to invest in a high-density tower here, reconsider. You will be able to find countless high-rise condos for sale in Panama City Beach, located about 15 minutes to the East. There are not as many high-rise condos in Miramar Beach, but you can find more than enough high-rise condos in Destin.

The area has great housing infrastructure. You can find a diverse range of housing options on 30A.

3.  It Never Gets Cold

Many people move to Florida from the northern states for the constantly warm-to-heat temperature. But that’s not the case.

During winters, wind chills and lack of humidity can take the temperatures in Florida below freezing point overnight. It may not happen often, but it dips below 32° a few times a year.

The good news is that 30A Florida does not have snowfall and has a comparatively moderate temperature compared to the rest of the area.

4.  Shark Attacks are Common

Just like us, sharks also like to visit the Beautiful Emerald Coast. But don’t worry, they are not the blood-hungry man-eaters projected in Hollywood movies. All kinds of sharks visit the Florida Coast, but shark attacks are exceptionally rare here.

5. The Aging Population is Taking Over

It's kind of silly that some people think Florida is full of old people. Snowbirds and retirees love to move to Florida, but the state has many universities. These education institutes attract a lot of the national and international young demographics. The mean age of the residents living in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, is 47 years old.

We hope this article helped clear some misconceptions about moving to 30A Florida. So, which community on 30A are you planning to join? Tell us in the comment section below!

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