The 13 Best Places to Live in Florida

The very best places to live in FloridaFlorida hosts white sand beaches on three sides, unlimited water access and activities, and family fun. The Alligator State is known for the sun, alligators, boats, and retirees on golf courses. (Preferably, the retiree is always wearing a pink polo or Tommy Bahama shirt with white pants when on the course; it’s basically state law at this point.)

Why Move to Florida?

Florida is one of the most desired places to live in the US. In the last two years, the state’s population has increased by 1%+. That means it has made huge strides toward better resident services, and progress physically shows in the cities. In other words, city-wide progress is the game’s name in metro areas.

If you are considering moving to Florida, your metro options are the best place to start. Take the time to consider your options because every city in the following list has unique features.

In addition to this list, do your own research—start with a quick search of the metro city name. After that, explore the city using Google Maps, and discover more about native Floridians using Florida public records. Anyone can find all the information they need for any move, even to Florida.

The following list is subjective, but the facts don’t lie. Florida has thousands of miles of white quartz beaches, warm emerald waters, and a vibrant community. (There are also a few pirates walking around.)

Where's the best place to live in Florida?

We have included the following pieces of info about each of our top Florida cities to live:

  • A brief description of the city or area.
  • An exceptional aspect of the town.
  • A suggestion for the food lovers of the world.
  • A recommendation for the dog lovers of the world.
  • And some information about the local K-12 scene, just for Mom and Dad.


Living in Destin, FLSurrounded by 24 miles of white sand beaches, Destin is one of the most beautiful locations in Florida. It's also home to Crab Island, a sand bar so well-known for its parties that movies have copied it. Not only is Destin picturesque, but this tiny city also has everything you might need from a major city. For example, locals can find bars, family fun, outdoor adventures, and more here.


The self-titled “Golf Capital of the World” is first on our list. The city enjoys white-sand beaches and some of the most relaxing areas in the region. Naples is a desirable area to live in—it constantly hits the top-rated cities in desirable housing opinion polls. It’s these areas that make Naples not only a destination for vacation but also a “bucket list” for many retirees.


Living in Sarasota, FLTwo hours south of Orlando sits this paradise most known for its beautiful beaches and shallow water. Sarasota Bay hosts glowing plankton twice a year, and many beaches offer kayaking to experience the neon up close. The Ringling Museum of Art also calls this city home, offering art, culture, and education within its walls. Sarasota is home to a diverse culture of families, retirees, and a booming industry.

Santa Rosa Beach

Recognized as one of the 16 beach districts of Florida, Santa Rosa offers unique experiences. Luxury beach houses scatter the 26-mile stretch of white sand while an artist colony prepares for the next festival. Santa Rosa also has multiple entrances to the Point Washington State Forest, a 15,000-acre forest preserve.


Living in Melbourne, FLKnown as the beautiful Space Coast, Melbourne is the location of all of NASA’s piloted rocket launches. It is also the home of Elon Musk’s SpaceX and launch pad. Melbourne is one of the central locations for those looking to explore Florida’s environmental keystone: the wetlands. Retirees, families, and young professionals call this place home.

Panama City

In the crook of the Florida Panhandle, Panama City is a tourist destination. The city features water sports, amusement parks, and marine life. Visitors also have access to two state parks, family and pet-friendly state parks. Panama city is also home to the Panama Canal and a vibrant blend of cultures from Spain and America.


Living in Jacksonville,This city is named after Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States. It is the most populous city in the Southeast and a significant tourist destination. The town also boasts the most extensive urban park system in the US, with other 80,000 acres to explore. Jacksonville is also home to more than six white-sand beaches and a carousel of festivals yearly.


This city is considered a gem in the crown of the Florida Panhandle. It has access to deep water fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and a thriving downtown. Pensacola is the training grounds of all US naval pilots, including the Blue Angels. The city’s relationship with the training pilots is motherly, earning it the name “Cradle of Naval Aviation.”


Living in Tampa, FLTampa is the home of the Bay Rays and the Buccaneers—so you know the city is obsessed with sports. But the city also has many other amenities, including museums, restaurants, shops, parks, and festivals. Tampa is also home to one of the most beautiful theme parks in the world: Busch Gardens. Check out the 2.4-mile river walk and see everything.

Downtown Tampa real estate

South Walton

This region boasts one of its 16 beaches as one of Travel + Leisure’s “Best Beaches on Earth” in 2013. South Walton’s domain stretches from the waters of Inlet Beach to the shores of Seascape; in between are the world’s most beautiful beaches. South Walton is known as one of the best places for people to make memories and find rejuvenation.

Emerald Coast

Living on the Emerald Coast of FloridaLike many of Florida’s coastal areas, the Emerald Coast region benefits from huge quartz beaches and warm waters. However, unlike many of Florida’s coastal regions, the Emerald Coast also benefits from playing into a pirate theme for festivals. The area is also home to multiple science and cultural centers, museums, and adventure parks.

Daytona Beach

Daytona sits on Florida’s Atlantic coast. The city is no stranger to tourists or events, as followers of NASCAR know from the Daytona 500. Daytona’s beaches also offer a boardwalk with rides, arcades, and summer concerts. Visitors also have the option to stay land-locked and still get wet, using one of Daytona’s many water parks.


Home to Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando is one of the best-known cities worldwide. Orlando is also ever-growing since companies are constantly jostling to get into the area. The city has recently released plans to build a 68-acre downtown development project.

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