Best places to get coffee on 30a and South Walton Beach

Restaurants and Coffee Shops on 30A/South Walton Beach

 coffee shops on 30a and around South Walton BeachThe scenic highway 30A of Florida is a 24 mile stretch along Florida’s Emerald Coast. It is lined with coastal lakes, upscale resorts, artsy villages, eclectic beach bars, world-class restaurants, and also 25000 acres of protected habitats. You can say that 30A has something in store for each and everyone and is home to the world’s most beautiful white-sand beaches. It is renowned for its natural scenic beauty, turquoise waters, and sugar sand beaches. There are 12 different beach communities, each of them having its own tradition, charm, and visual style. People come to 30a and South Walton Beach for relaxation and vacation. To help you wake up in the morning and enjoy your stay you better learn the best places to get coffee on 30a South Walton Beach. There are various places here where you can get coffee. Let us discuss them in details.

Sunrise Coffee Co

Sunrise Coffee Co is located in Santa Rosa Beach, in a beautiful and quaint location at Gulf Place. It can provide you with great breakfast items and coffee choices. Sunrise Coffee Co is located very close to the beach, so you can enjoy coffee as well the serene environment around you. The staff of this restaurant is very friendly and helpful. You can find several places to sit and relax while enjoying your coffee. The iced coffee served by it is very tasty and refreshing. And the best thing is that you do not have to wait for a long time to get your coffee served at your table. The service is quite quick and the real winner is the number of coffee flavor shots you can choose from. Probably there are more than 30 choices available, out of which you can select the flavor of your choice.


45 Town Center Loop Santa Rosa Beach


6 AM – 7 PM

Amavida Coffee and Tea:

Amavida Café is located in Seaside and Rosemary Beach. It offers a great selection of coffees and teas. Amavida Café was rated #1 best place to get coffee on 30a in 2017 by The service provided by this café is also very good. The menu of this café is a long one and it offers a variety of specialty drinks. It can thus be recommended to a coffee lover or anyone who is looking for a nice place to relax. The iced coffee is one of the best you’ll have anywhere. It is not water down like he may have had at other cafés. TripAdvisor has Amavida coffee and tea rated at 4.5 with about 100 reviews. Another notable thing about this café is that it has an outdoor sitting arrangement where you can sip your coffee and enjoy the outside view. Both locations are near the beach as well as restaurants and shops.


Seaside Amavida Café 2236 E. County Hwy. 30a

Rosemary Beach Amavida Café 104 N. Barrett Sq. Unit 1a Lofts West


6.30AM – 7.00PM

Bad Ass Coffee

Another place to get coffee on 30A/South Walton Beach is the Bad Ass Coffee. The coffee served is great in taste and has a great atmosphere. In 2017 Bad Ass Coffee was ranked #5 for best places to get coffee on 30a/South Walton Beach by It serves many varieties of coffee. One of the varieties that taste delicious is the iced coffee, served with a splash of coconut milk and it consists of coffee ice cubes. It is a great café for both hot coffee as well as ice coffee. If you’re in need of some help waking up try the 100% Kona, it is sure to please. In short, it can be said that the coffee it serves is one of the best. The staff is also awesome, very friendly and if you keep coming back they remember their customers.


17 Uptown Grayton Circle in Grayton Beach


7:00AM – 6:00PM



Kith and Kin Coffee

This quaint little coffee shop is located on Topsail Preserve adjacent to campgrounds. Its quiet laid-back atmosphere invites you to settle in with a fresh cup of coffee and a delicious pastry. Great ambiance and excellent service. Friendly staff and amazing tasty treats, to pair with your perfect cup of coffee.  An inviting place to curl up with a Kindle or enjoy the beautiful nature around you. As there are several nature trails surrounding it. Public friendly, as well as the campers on site, definitely a must-try!

Location: Walton County

7525 W. County 30a, Santa Rosa Beach FL 32459

Espresso Coffee Bar 6:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Beer and Wine 6:00am-5pm

Stock & Brew:

My personal favorite is the new local shop just built off of 98 Stock and Brew. When you arrive you are greeted with plush leather chairs in a modern yet cozy atmosphere. Adjoining with the furniture store Stock and Trade there is no holding back with their interior design and rapidly growing customers. Your tastebuds will sing and dance with the decadent pastries and unique breakfast foods. The golden Latte is a favorite, along with various kinds of breakfast treats. I personally like the sausage egg and cheese encased in a fresh muffin. This place is perfect for lounging with your friends or a great environment for studying or reading its not too loud with both indoor and outdoor seating.


2668 Hwy 98 West Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459





Don Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant:

Next on the list comes Don Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant. It is located on Santa Rosa Beach. Whenever you need to have some meal along with coffee, this is the place you should visit. Along with great coffee, it serves great food also. If you order a breakfast, you will be served with coffee too. This is not actually a coffee shop but it’s a restaurant that serves up an excellent hot cup of coffee. They are known more for their breakfasts then lunch and dinner but any time of day you’re sure to leave Don Pedro’s Mexican restaurant happy. The service provided by this restaurant is courteous and fast and the price is also very reasonable.


4942 US Highway 98 W. Suite B Santa Rosa Beach, FL


7:00 AM – 9:00 PM



30A Songwriter Radio (Music and Coffee Shop):

30A Songwriter Radio is also another restaurant which can be noted as one of the best places to get coffee. Along with tasty and delicious coffee, it serves great food too. The coffee drinks here are excellent, especially the cinnamon roll latte. It is a cozy coffee place with a very friendly and fast service, serving one of the best cold brewed ice coffee one could ever have. The decor of this place is so good that once you step in your mood will be changed. The furniture of this place is all vintage and is spiffy clean. Here the nitro coffee is served cold. So it is a fun little place in Santa Rosa Beach. The best part of this place is the music which will win your heart easily. They also have live music on some evenings.


2078 US Highway 98 W. Suite 108 in Santa Rosa Beach at the Publix shopping center


8.00AM – 9.00PM (closed on Sundays)



Donut Hole

Most likely the busiest restaurant in South Walton for breakfast is the Donut Hole. They have been serving up some of the mightiest breakfasts along with scrumptious sweets since 1989. The Donut Hole set up like an old-fashioned diner. There are tables, booths and even single seats at the bar. You can come in and enjoy an incredible cup of coffee accompanied with your choice of fresh doughnuts or sit down for a full meal. There open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. TripAdvisor gives them a rating of 4.5 stars with over 1000 reviews. They are rated #1 place best place in South Walton Beach for dessert. ranked the Donut Hole #2 best place in South Walton to get coffee in 2017. There are two locations in Inlet Beach and Santa Rosa Beach. The Donut Hole is known for never leaving a person hungry. In fact, many of the sandwiches and entrées are difficult for one person to eat by themselves.


12983 Highway 98 E., Inlet Beach
6745 Highway 98 W., Santa Rosa Beach


6:00 AM – 10:00 PM




Starbucks is an American Café, located in the Miramar Beach. It is also well known for its coffee and pastries. During your visit to Miramar Beach, if you need to have some coffee, Starbucks can be a great option for you. It is located next to an outlet mall, so it remains super busy, but the coffee served is consistent as expected. One added advantage here is that this location offers great Wi-Fi speeds. Its latte, cappuccino, coffee- all are good. Starbucks is located at the Silver Sands Premium Outlets.. You can contact them at


10410 US Highway 98 W., Miramar Beach

Located at both Grand Boulevard and the Silver Sands outlet mall


5.00AM – 11.00PM



Caffe Siena

Another place to get good coffee on 30A/South Walton Beach is Caffe Siena at Sandestin, located in Miramar Beach. It is a great place for a grab-and-go. It serves delicious latte as well as other varieties of coffee. The customer service is just amazing and the staff is very helpful and friendly. The coffee is rich and served hot. Caffe Siena‘s Google reviews are a little bit low at 2.9 stars.


9107 Baytowne Wharf Boulevard, Suite B-4, Sandestin Resort


6.00Am – 1.00PM

Black Bear Bread Co

The Black Bear Bread Co. is an upscale cafe located in the community of Grayton Beach. As the name suggests, it is a bakery that serves fresh bread. But that is only the start of it. Black Bear Bred Co serves up gourmet delights. Sandwiches to salads to soups and the food will not disappoint. Their coffee collection is from Stumptown Coffee Roasters. The menu has been designed in such a way that people can go for breakfast, lunch, or for a cup of gourmet coffee.

For breakfast, you can opt for oatmeal, sandwiches, or tartines (a slice of bread with a sweet or savory topping). For lunch, you may have sandwiches and greens. The menu is in large chosen by the seasonal produce, from chef Phil McDonald, which ensures that the food served to you is fresh in quality. The right mix of spices and condiments makes the food tasty while maintaining its healthy nature. You can even try out their dessert section which has delicious bagels, croissants, and rolls under the pastry section. Black bear bread Cois open all seven days a week and you can drop by any day. Also, the interior of the cafe is so nicely decorated that you will feel as if you are inside a cozy cabin. Varieties of coffee are also served, such as cappuccino, mocha, latte and the likes.


26 Logan Ln. Unit G, Grayton Beach

7:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Monday-Saturday)
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM (Sunday)


325 Grand Blvd. Suite 100, Miramar Beach

Hibiscus Cafe

The Hibiscus Cafe Grayton Beach staple, which also has a guesthouse to provide hometown accommodation to the tourists. The cafe has an untraditional look and is a great place for couples. The coffee served here in as great in quality as in anywhere, the only difference being that you can get it in more of a home setting at Hibiscus. A variety of food is served to start from continental to sea-food. The food is fresh and delicious at Hibiscus Café, to make sure you try some. If you are on a family trip, there cannot be a better place where you can and sit in a tranquil and relaxing environment. Spend a few days in the comfortable accommodation and try out the delicious dishes. Your holiday plans cannot get better!


85 Defuniac St, Grayton Beach


Fonville Press

The Fonville Press is an American cafe to visit in iconic Alys Beach that is a great place to have breakfast, especially if you are having kids with you. You can grab some snacks along with a cup of coffee or go for a full-fledged meal.

The cafe has been decorated nicely and lavishly so that a feel-good factor is added to your visit. Also, there is a kids’ playground where your kids have a great time playing. There is an ultra-cool custom made slide for children. This makes for good entertainment while the adults can sit close by. The interior of the place is as pleasant as the scenic beach and perfectly manicured grass on the exterior

At Fonville, you can find seafood such as shrimp along with bar food and burgers. You will get drinks like coffee, wine, and beer along with great food to accompany them. On both breakfast and lunch menus, I have a little bit of everything to suit most taste buds. The outdoor patio is full of sun-umbrellas that can serve as a great place to relax and enjoy quality food and drinks.

The menu is innovative and will impress the kids and adults alike. The Fonville Press has a rating of 4.8 stars on Facebook.


147 West La Garza Lane, Alys Beach

7:00 AM – 8:00 PM


Now it’s time for some food and coffee on 30a

The best places to have coffee on 30A/South Walton Beach have been discussed above in detail. So you can choose your desired place from the list above and can just go for a coffee break. Our suggestion would be to try every spot on the list and make your personal list of the best cafés on 30a and South Walton Beach. We hope you enjoy visiting some of the stores in restaurants as much as we have in the past. Who knows we might see you grabbing your next cup of coffee.

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