6 Tips For Choosing The Right Roofing Designs For Houses

When it comes to a home’s curb appeal, it’s quite likely you’ve heard how painted walls, new doors, and windows, or a groomed front lawn helps. How about the roofing? Did you ever hear someone say that the roofing design can increase the curb appeal of your home? It does, and that’s what this article will be covering.

Below are useful tips on how to choose the right roofing designs for your Annapolis homes.

Learn About Roof Terminology

Make sure to choose the right design for the roof on your house.

Roofing sounds simple. It keeps rain, snow, and other elements out of our home, right? For the most part, that’s all you need to know. But if you want to pick a roof design for your dream home by yourself, you need to know a little bit more. For instance, it’s good to know that roofers measure roofing in “squares”, not “square feet.”

The “square” is the basic unit of measurement used by roofers. One square is equal to 100 square feet in area. This is equivalent to a 10-foot by 10-foot square. If you understand roofer talk and know about different material types, design styles, or how the cost is calculated, it will be so much easier to convey your roofing needs to the contractor.

Find Out More About Roofing Materials

If you want the best roof design for your house, you’ll want to know about the different materials that roofs could be made of. Each material has its pros and cons that tell you whether it will suit your aesthetic preferences, your home’s architectural style, installation, and maintenance, as well as your location and climate.

Here are some of the most common roofing materials:

  • Metal

metal roof on the houseMetal is a popular material due to its durability and the fact it’s quite easy to install. At the same time, it does well in enhancing energy efficiency while almost eliminating maintenance. A roofer can tell you that metal roofing would be great for your savings.

  • Wood

wood roof on houseWood is liked for its rustic appearance, but that is accompanied by the high cost of the materials and installation. Wood roofing also needs more maintenance but is highly durable and can last over 50 years if properly maintained. It is also sustainable and highly energy-efficient.

  • Concrete or Clay

clay roof on houseWhen it comes to durability and strength, concrete and clay tiles are at the top of the choices. They are also fireproof, energy-efficient, and available in a wide range of beautiful designs. The downside is that tile roofs are costly and both concrete and clay are heavy.

  • Asphaltasphalt shingles on homes

Asphalt is available in various styles and colors. There is even an asphalt shingle that looks like wood. The advantage is it is fairly low-cost and low-maintenance. It does have some disadvantages, such as its granules that can get dislodged and weaken the roof.

Know About Different Roofing Designs

When it comes to roofing designs, know that there’s a long list of options out there. Take some time to research and read about the different types, styles, and designs of roofs, from traditional to modern. You have a lot to cover, but below are some of the most popular ones to start with:

  • Flat Roof

The flat roof or low slope roof is almost level. It’s a contemporary type of roofing that needs a drainage system seeing as its slope is only at around 10-degree angles or less. Flat roofing has the advantage of expansive roof space, easy repairs, fewer materials needed, and a easey to clean. On the other hand, it’s hard to drain.

  • Gable Roof

Gable roofs, aka pitched or peaked roofs, are fairly common. It has the familiar triangle shape, known as the gable, and is popular in the U.S. Homes with gable roofs can have more than one gable depending on size and style. One of its advantages is you can pick from different variations, such as a gable with dormer, open gable, side gable, or L-shaped gable.

  • Hip Roof

The hip roof is a roof style with a sloped angle on each side that meets in a hip on top. It isn’t a simple type of roofing, as it comes in various types with different features that set each type apart. Hip roofs are highly popular, and one of the reasons is it is durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather.

  • Shed Roof

A shed roof, also known as a pent or skillion roof, has a single-sloping roof. Due to its shape, it doesn’t have low points or corners on the walls. It is also because of the shape that a home with this roofing has plenty of usable space inside. This roof type was originally used for sheds, hence, the name. 

Study Roofing Durability and Longevity

Things like earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires are relatively normal in this age. Knowing this, it makes sense to value durability and longevity when looking for the right roofing design. The roof design you choose should be able to last you more than a few years, so be extra picky when going through roofing materials.

For this, it matters that you consider the climate where you live. The roofing material you choose should be durable enough against the environmental concerns of your home, whether it is typically hot and sunny or rainy and humid there. For instance, concrete tiles are the better choice if you live somewhere where wildfires are common, while clay tiles do well against rain.

Think About Roof Aesthetics

Improving your home’s aesthetic starts with the exterior, which includes the roof. If you want to treat the eyes of your visitors to an aesthetic home, then it matters that you choose an attractive roof design. With that said, the color, texture, material, and design of your roof should match your home’s overall style.

Understand the Installation Process

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for the ideal roofing design for your home is the installation process. As much as possible, choose one that is easy to install and won’t be expensive. To get more accurate information about this, it’s best that you talk with a trusted roofing contractor about their process.

Choosing a roofing design doesn’t have to be a tough decision. 

It can be overwhelming in the beginning when you don’t know anything yet, but with research, you can fill in the gaps in your knowledge. With the information you have and a consultation with a professional, you can surely decide on the right roofing design.

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