10 Home Makeover Tips For Decorating And Selling

Decorating and home makeover tips for selling your houseIf you are in the process of selling your house you may be concerned about its curb appeal and whether or not it can attract a handsome sum as the selling price. When homeowners have been living in a property for more than a decade, in most cases some changes, updates, and renovations are generally required. Furthermore, the house needs to be decorated semi-professionally so that potential buyers can visualize themselves living there and making the most of their investment. 

1. Go Back To Basics 

When buyers are perusing a home they are determining how well it fits into their needs and requirements and how compatible it is with their lifestyle. They can get confused and even disoriented by the bright orange wallpaper in your kid’s bedroom for example. For best results, make your home to be more neutral and toned down so that the potential buyer has an easier time figuring out how their lifestyle fits into the home. If any of the rooms in your house are painted or wallpapered in bright colors, do a fresh coat of paint that is neutral off-white or beige. The same should be done with curtains and carpets. 

Think of how office environments are usually decorated with a neutral palette and try to emulate that because such a backdrop highlights the positive features of a space. As a homeowner looking to sell, you want to minimize personal features during an open house, and that may mean putting certain types of furniture into storage before you put your home on the market. The key is to make the house look desirable to the maximum number of people. If you must have color, use it sparingly such as on a cushion or rug. 

2. The Perfect Entrance 

The saying goes, ‘the first impression is the last impression’, which also applies to houses. Master the look of the exterior of your house. If you are blessed with a large garden or lawn, take the time to have it landscaped properly and trim the hedges. Some homeowners even go so far as to plant new rose bushes before the house goes up for sale. You can build a rocky path or even have a patio built by contractors to make the entrance look better, and while this may seem like a lot to spend upfront, you can charge a higher sales price to cash home buyers later down the road. 

Most real estate extraordinaires have attested to the power of a beautiful entrance. It is said that a great-looking entryway can get potential buyers through the door and encourage them to make an offer. If the house's exterior looks worn out, tired, or outdated, it can significantly affect the sales price. Paint or mend the outside of the house, have roofing cleaners and experts look into the state of the roof, and repaint the fence and gate if there is any. Putting some flower pots and a welcome mat at the entrance can increase the property's presumed value in the buyer's eyes. 

3. Say No To Clutter

Most people looking to buy a home are not going to be afraid of snooping in closets or the attic and basement when they are looking around. Ensure the house is as clutter-free as possible, and remove as many personal effects as you can, such as clothes, shoes, photographs, or sentimental décor pieces. Furthermore, never keep valuable items like watches or jewelry in drawers when there’s an open house, as theft is a real possibility, and your realtor cannot keep track of everyone who has entered. 

Consider hiring a storage unit for the vast majority of your belongings if you haven’t moved out of your house yet. It is important to show buyers that the house comes with plenty of storage space, which is why clearing out closets and cabinets is useful. As the homeowner, you can include modern storage options to illustrate the storage potential in your house. 

4. Repairs And Fixer-Uppers

A major part of any home makeover is to ensure all the appliances, doors, plumbing, electrical circuits, and so on are in good working order. Even evidence of a slightly leaking roof can plummet the value of your home in the market. Have a contractor examine your house for any possible repair jobs, leakages, and mold or pest infestations. If any issue is caught before you put your house on the market, you can deal with it in a timely fashion rather than face complaints from a buyer later, in which case a lawsuit can ensue. 

5. Mood Lighting 

Lighting (light fixtures, lamps) can influence how someone feels when they are in your house. While you will need to clear out personal items, put your lamps to work for you during the open house. Lighting can affect mood and even lift sadness, so make sure you have changed the bulbs so they burn brighter, and purchase unique projector lights and lamps that change color so your home can appeal to a broader audience. Having spotlights or picture lights on a work of art, lights inside cabinets, or lights to light up countertops can make any home seem more upscale and super modern. 

6. Convert The Bathroom To Uber Luxe

Most real estate agents say that the kitchen and the bathrooms are vital players and determinants of price when it comes to selling a house. Employ bathroom remodelers to update your bathroom, or go the DIY route. New steel fixtures can be purchased, and most people have the skill to install them with just a regular tool kit. Lighting plays a massive part in the appearance of a bathroom, so consider putting in vanity lights or updating the mirrors. 

Putting in some foliage, such as money plants and putting out luxury towels, can all impart a deluxe feel in the bathroom. Retiling is also an option, but consider your budget before taking on such a project, as you will also need to account for contractor costs in uprooting old tiles and then laying down a base for new tiling. Some experts say that installing a bathtub can really drive up the price of your home significantly so if you have ever wondered about that purchase, it is a good investment to go for. 

7. Location-Specific Interior Design 

Some houses are built in suburban areas, some are constructed in the countryside and some might be urban townhouses built for the busy life of the city. A house sells better if it corresponds with its immediate environment. Someone wanting to purchase a house in the country for example will expect certain rustic elements to say the least and some comfort additions designed for the climate. Take cues from the surrounding environment when considering interior design especially if you are having bigger changes done such as changing the light fixtures and furniture dramatically. Bear in mind you can rent furniture pieces as well if you feel your existing furniture is too personal or too loud in color and style. 

8. Professional Cleaners For A Deep Clean

While you may be one of those homeowners who keep their houses fairly clean, a professionally done deep cleaning is a whole other matter. Professional cleaners are trained in the use of tools and chemicals and they can make your floor, kitchen, appliances, bathroom and even windows shine like never before. A thoroughly clean house can be decorated well and makes a good impression on potential buyers and visitors. Deep cleaning also entails cleaning rooms like the attic and the inside of cabinets which may not get done as often as it should. 

9. Minimalist Accessorizing

As a first time home seller, you may think having tons of decorative items around will make the house seem nicer but it can overstimulate visitors. Try to opt for a minimalistic aesthetic leaving a lot to the imagination. In certain areas like the porch or the bathroom, adding some homely touches can work to your advantage especially if they are items like plants but in general, the house should be clean and not overly decorated. If you feel there may be confusion about the floor plan (in a larger house), you can have the blueprint printed on pamphlets for the open house or label the outside of doors. 

10. Removing Pet Belongings And Welcoming Touches

When getting your house ready for the market, try to move your pet elsewhere including their belongings. Visitors and potential buyers can be allergic to dogs, cats, or hamsters and it could deter them from making an offer on the property. Some people also do not prefer the company of animals and may get discouraged if they see your pet lose on the property. Lastly, in preparation for the open house, lay out some drinks, cookies, chips, dip, or even a grazing platter. This small gesture and attempt at hospitality can encourage top dollar offers for your house.

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