Property taxes and the difference between South Walton and Okaloosa County

 property taxes and differences between Walton County and Okaloosa CountyProperty taxes are to be paid in the state the property is located in. They are collected once a year, mostly from 1st November. No one will come knocking on your door to remind you of these payments. It's your responsibility to ensure that you have submitted your property taxes before the deadline. If you wait to be reminded after the deadline has already passed, you can be sure it won't go well for you.

Property Taxes in Walton county

If you have a property in Walton county, you have to file property tax returns with the county tax office. This can be done from the 1st of January all the way to April 1 every year. You may also be allowed to file with the county board of tax assessors or the county tax commissioner. You can contact your county tax office for verification.

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Walton County tax collector

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If you paid or returned taxes in the county for the previous year and failed to return taxes on your property for the current taxation year, it shall be assumed that you have returned for taxation at the same valuation for the property as was the case the previous year.

Homestead exemptions Walton county

As per the tax laws, several homestead exemptions are to be offered in each county. However, like Walton county, some counties have implemented local legislation that increases homestead exemption amounts according to their jurisdictions.

If you wish to benefit from homestead exemptions, you have to apply with the county office within the year you make the property your primary residence. You may even send the application to the county tax commissioner or the county board of tax assessors. If you don't apply, it will be taken to be a waiver of the exemption, and you'll have to pay the property taxes in full. Therefore, don't make this mistake. You can apply for homestead exemption under any of the following categories:

● Regular exemption
● Age 65
● Age 70
● No income requirement
● Floating homestead
● Elderly school exemption
● 100% exemption


Valuation appeal

Every taxpayer should get an annual notice of assessment for the county board of tax assessors providing information about the filing of a property tax appeal on real property. In case the county board of tax assessors disagrees with the returns the taxpayer has filed on personal property, it has to send a notice of assessment. The taxpayer will have enough information on filing an appeal. However, the appeal has to be sent to the board of tax assessors not later than 45 days from the date the notice of assessment was mailed.

Property Taxes in Okaloosa county

You don't get to pay whichever amount you feel like when it comes to property taxes in Okaloosa county. The county property appraiser will appraise your property to determine the property's market value, and then you will be provided with the tax bill you have to pay for the same. However, the value determined by the property appraiser will not be the final figure. 3 separate government entities are responsible for producing the November tax bill. 

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Okaloosa County tax collector

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How will I know my tax bill?

You'll get a “Notice of Proposed Taxes” each August if you are a property owner in Okaloosa county. The TRIM notice will indicate the property's taxable value, proposed millage rates, and even tax estimations by the community taxing authorities.  You will also be informed of the upcoming public meetings where mileage tax rates and tentative budgets will be discussed. This notice also lists the fees that aren't related to your property, like lighting, garbage collection, government services, and even roads. These fees are determined by the taxing authority and don't change even if the property's value does.

What if I want to appeal my tax bill?

If you think the tax bill you got in the TRIM notice is incorrect, you can contact the property appraiser for discussions. You'll be taken through the process used in determining the amount of your tax bill. If you are still not satisfied, you can appeal the decision.

Homestead exemption Okaloosa county

If you own a property in Okaloosa or live there primarily, you should be getting a homestead exemption of up to fifty thousand dollars every year. However, certain conditions have to be met for you to qualify for the same. You have to provide the relevant county department with:

● The current state of Florida Vehicle registrations plus updated address
● Evidence of ownership of the property recorded with the Clerk of Circuit Court
● Social security numbers for all the owners of the property
● A valid Florida Identification card or Driver's License with your updated address
● Declaration of domicile or your voter registration card

Is citizenship a must for me to qualify for a home exemption?

As per the law, the homestead exemption is not limited to citizens only. However, if you are not a U.S citizen, you'll have to prove that you have permanent residency status to qualify for that.

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