Pros and Cons of Living in Destin, Florida

Should you live in Destin Florida?Looking to live somewhere that’s not boring and makes you feel like you’re on vacation? Destin is one of those places that will make you fall in love with it whether you visit it or decide to reside there permanently.

Here’s an overview of this fantastic town before we dig into the pros and cons of living in Destin, Florida.

On the panhandle of Florida is located the remarkable city of Destin. It exists along the crystal clear waters of the Emerald Coast. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, this town has a lively atmosphere and a pleasing charm. Before turning into a tourist attraction, the city started as a fishing area in the mid-19th century and focused on it until the late 20th century.

This flourishing suburban seaside resort town has a population of approximately 14,000 residents. With the amazing weather, people can enjoy wonderful dining experiences and the best beaches in the world year-round. As you get closer to the Gulf of Mexico, you will see mostly high-rise condos lining the beaches of Destin. Most of the year-round residents live on the north side of Highway 98, which runs parallel to the beach. However, like any other place, the Destin environment and way of living might not be suitable for everyone. So, let’s review the pros and cons of life in Destin, Florida.



The emerald green water of the Gulf of Mexico gives this area of Florida panhandle the unofficial name of the Emerald Coast. The crystal clear water and the vibrant sunshine reflecting off the algae make it the Emerald Coast. It stretches from Pensacola to the port St Joe region. Complimenting the clear water, are pristine sandy beaches called the “Florida snow”. All of this, combined with the stunning rosy sunsets, give you an elegant beach town residency experience. An estimated 4.5 million people tour the coast annually. Some of the best places are the following:

  • Norriego Point
  • Henderson Beach State Park
  • Crab Island (not really a beach but a sandbar accessible only by b
  • Topsail Hill Preserve State Park
  • Holiday Isle


The weather in Destin is one of the best reasons for living here. The residents experience 226 days of sunshine per year. The rain average here is 66 inches which is double the national rain average. The favorable weather makes Destin a lush green area.

Summer in Destin is hot and tropical. The temperatures can increase to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters are cold and dry, around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Numerous Restaurant Choices

The Destin region has a lot of tourist attractions, including more than 275 national and local restaurants for residents and tourists. You have options for every budget and appetite. Due to Destin’s commercial and sport fishing, plenty of fresh and affordable seafood options are available.

Some of the best restaurants in Destin, FL

Great Schools

Destin institutions claim top-tier school education. It houses one middle and one elementary school, which are among the best schools in the USA. Destin’s test scores rank above average national scores. Public Schooling is among the topmost in American Schools.


Destin nightlife is full of funDestin has a lively nightlife with several things to do. Enjoy the live music on the harbor, dance to the beats, and take a sip of your favorite drink at the many bars open at night. You will definitely have a fantastic time whether you wander around alone or with someone.


There are eight top-tier golf courses in the Destin region. In addition, there are 17 more golf courses within 20 miles of the city. Most of these are open to the residents. Kelly Plantation Golf Club is among the top 5 cubs in all of Florida. It has a 4.5 rating from Golf Digest. Take a swing at one of the country’s best golf courses.


High Cost of Living

One must be ready to pay the cost of living in such a lovely place. The coastal region is costly, with living costs 18% greater than the United States average. The housing costs are even higher, a massive 62% greater than the United States average. Tourism, grocery, and entertainment are pretty expensive here. Do consider the cost of living before shifting to Destin. Nonetheless, the silver lining is that the average Destin income is 25% more than the US average.

Risks of Hurricanes

Like any other area in Florida, the hurricane risk is also something you want to be ready for here. The Gulf Coast has a greater chance of severe hurricanes than the East Coast. Destin is ranked the 10th highest for hurricane risk in the US. Flood maps show that the major regions of the Destin peninsula could be engulfed with storm rush should a massive hurricane make a direct hit.

Traffic and Transportation

Destin traffic can get badRoads are primarily choked in Destin because most people here own a car, and tourists favor a taxi ride over public transportation. There are only two main bridges that connect the mainland. The lack of great road infrastructure and public transport results in traffic jams. Especially in summer when tourism is at its peak.

Limited College Options

Unlike schools, higher education options are limited here. Destin lacks a top-tier college. The only community college that exists, the Northwest Florida State College, is ranked very low. Destin is probably not the best option in Florida if your kids plan to study in a local college.

Hospital Access

Destin is great for basic healthcare, but if you require treatment for major diseases or complex operations, you must be ready to travel to any metropolitan area for specialized facilities.


The town has a population density of 1800 people per square mile. It feels overcrowded even in the winter when there are fewer tourists due to the high population density. It gets worse in the summers when 3 to 4 million tourists visit the coastal region.


Destin is the perfect place if you are looking for amazing weather throughout the year, shinny beaches with sparkling water, dozens of food options, and are willing to spend more than the national cost of living. The medical and higher education facilities are less advanced, but the golf resorts, vibrant beaches, excellent schools, and high income make it a good bargain. Destin is a fantastic family-oriented town; staying there will make you feel like you are on vacation year-round.

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