Real estate guest posting guidelines

Guest post guidelines/write for us

Why write for us?

Real estate guest post guidelines if you would like to write for us follow these instructionsTake advantage of the opportunity to write an article or guest post on a top-quality US-based real estate website like  If you decide to write for us, we allow you to include a backlink to your website.  We like to think of this as a win-win opportunity.  You write a great real estate article for us and in return, your website gets brand recognition, additional traffic to your website, and that sweet link juice you’re looking for.

We are currently accepting new real estate guest blog posts as of May 10, 2022

Follow these real estate guest post guidelines

**** Articles will be rejected if they have long run-on sentences and/or require unnecessary editing***

The domain you want to include as a backlink must meet our guidelines.

  • It must have at least 1000 organic visits per month.
    The domain must not have any gambling, drugs, sex, etc. types of content on it.
  • No external backlinks in the first two paragraphs.

Must get your topic approved

You must send in at least one topic to get approved prior to writing anything.

Very important

Run your draft through Hemingway or Grammarly (or both) to ensure readability and correct pronunciation. Note: We use  American English (not the UK or Australian). Remember, if it’s hard to read we will delete your post.

Article title

Make sure you write a title that has a clear message and is something potential buyers or sellers research for. Don’t be boring.

Content length

The minimum content length accepted will be 1500 words. If you want your article to get more visibility on the search engines then longer is better but do not add fluff.


Topics need to be related to residential real estate related to homes or condos. Focusing on information for buyers or sellers. – Please pitch a topic before writing. I do not want boring and very broad topics.

Who reads our blog?

Our audience will read general United States real estate information but articles that include local cities will rank the best (but not required). Although, it is not permitted to write an article geared toward a city that is not listed in the next sentence. For example - Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, 30a, Seaside, Watercolor, Blue Mountain Beach, Panama City Beach, and Rosemary Beach.


We reserve the right to edit any posts the way we feel necessary to engage the reader’s attention. We also reserve the right to add additional links to the post.


We expect the article to be formatted in paragraphs with headings (H2 & H3). Sentences must be clear and concise. If your article has long and difficult to read run-on sentences it will be rejected.

**Sentences should be under 20 words.**


We expect your article to be proofread and be ready to be posted. We do not want to have to make unnecessary and timely changes to your guest post. Your article should be ready to be published on our blog when we receive it.


You may include up to 1 link within the body of the article. Your link and anchor text must fit smoothly into the article and must provide value to the reader. Anchor text cannot have any geographic locations tied to it that are outside of South Walton Beach, Panama City, or Destin Florida.

Include a high authority link to a popular real estate website.  (,,,, etc.)


Please include at least 2 internal links to other pages or posts that are on Destin Property Expert currently.

Submit Your Real Estate Guest Post

[email protected]

Guest post articles will be rejected if

If you write your article about a specific geographic area outside of the areas stated above in the “Audience” section. Your article will be rejected if your grammar is poor or if the article does not flow nicely. Do not write any sentences or paragraphs that are self-promotional toward your links. All articles are checked with Copyscape and Google.

Can you write for us more than once?

The short answer is yes, you can submit more than one guest post article to be published on our blog. What matters most is the quality and user experience. As long as your articles are all of the highest quality, intriguing to our readers, and is not info that’s published on every other blog online you will be welcome to publish as much as you like. If you would like to write for us on a regular basis we can set that up. There is no charge for our writers that consistently submit quality guest posts.

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