Top Security Technologies For Property Management Of Your Multi-Unit Investment Property

Managing a multi-unit property is an incredibly different task from managing a single office building. There are more vulnerabilities to consider, and there is more at stake for you and your tenants. Your security approach needs to offer all-around protection for each tenant in a way that is manageable for you and not overbearing for them. 

Modern advancements in security technologies are crucial to achieving this type of security. Cloud-based security systems are revolutionizing property management and offering a simplified way to protect your building better. 

Currently, the leading security technologies for multi-unit properties are integrated systems, IoT devices, and touchless access systems. Individually, these security technologies offer an enhanced level of protection that non-cloud devices fail to do. 

With our recommended technologies, you can secure every aspect of your property easily and move your property into the future. 

Integrated Security System

Integrated security systems allow your security technology to run effectively in sync, which, in turn, reaps better results. For example, if an unknown person is attempting to gain access to the building, your video monitoring and gate security will catch them. 

The video will record them and allow you to match their face to the police while the gate will take note of the time and how they attempted to gain access. Overall, an integrated security system will protect your building from an intruder while obtaining evidence of the attempted break-in. 

An integrated security system that can connect your residential multi-family gate security system to your video monitoring could manage access, guest check-ins, and keep an eye out for trouble is a handy system. 

Your access control and video monitoring system can work together and allow your management team to see who is accessing the building while verifying their credentials for maximum security. 

IoT Devices

In a multi-unit building, there are multiple tenants to please simultaneously as well as other additional responsibilities which is no easy task. Implementing automated smart devices is a simple and effective way to allow tenants to manage their own units remotely and to their own preference. 

IoT devices are part of modern daily life in ways that you may not realize. Your TV can now stream content, and your doorbell can show you who is at the door because they are smart devices powered by the internet. Nowadays, the internet can also control your locks and HVAC systems. 

Your tenants can efficiently manage their own HVAC system and make alterations to the conditions of their home at their discretion. Potential tenants enjoy the prospect of this freedom as it can make their home feel more comfortable and more sustainable as they can watch their energy output to save money and the seals simultaneously. 

In addition to smart HVAC systems, tenants can care for their own safety through smart door locking systems that rely on keyless entry. These locking systems offer excellent protection as tenants can monitor their home, communicate with and provide access to verified guests, and live a key-free life. 

Cloud-based home devices allow autonomy to tenants and reduce the workload of your property management team so they can focus on more valuable activities instead. It will streamline your property while pleasing your tenants hugely, which is the aim of every property manager. 

Keyless And Touchless Access System

Preventing access to unauthorized persons is one of the easiest ways to keep a property secure, but it is not always a guarantee with a traditional key lock system. Smart technology provides a solution in the form of cloud-based access systems. 

They allow entry through keyless or touchless systems that authorize entry based on physical or virtual keycards. These keycards hold your personal details so the system can register which tenant or maintenance staff accessed the building, which is helpful in case of stolen keycards. Access systems provide a safer alternative to building entry for you and your tenants. 

Keyless Access System

Keyless access systems allow access to people with keycards, key codes, and keyfobs instead of keys as they are cheaper to replace and eliminate the need for lock replacements. Keycards and other forms of keyless access are less vulnerable to theft and copy as keycards are reprogrammable and will deny entry to users, protecting the building from unauthorized access. 

Touchless Access System 

Following the pandemic, touchless access systems have become fashionable as they provide hygienic access solutions and maintain safety simultaneously. Touchless access systems rely on virtual keycards available on smartphones to gain access to the building. 

Some security companies create mobile apps to hold these keycards and include multi-factor authentication to access them safely. As a result, virtual keycards eliminate the costs of losing and replacing keycards by instead maintaining a virtual copy that cannot be lost or easily stolen. 

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